Image – SANNA Conscious Concept

5 Ways To Tie The Multiway Scarf Like A Parisian

Discover our favorite ways to tie the Multiway Scarf— just like the Parisians do. Watch the reel here.

1. The Bandana: Our personal favorite! Fold the scarf diagonally to make a triangle, then take the two ends and cross them around the back of your neck and bring them back around to the front. Tie a simple knot and that’s it! You can leave the knot on top of the scarf for a playful twist or tuck it behind for a more simple look. 

2. The Side Knot: A classic look with a twist. Take the folded triangular scarf and Tie the two ends together, cinching it close to your neck. Rotate the scarf to the side so you can see both the triangular and knot details at the same time.

3. The Simple Knot: Basically the side knot, but front facing. Don’t cinch the scarf close to your neck, instead opt for a looser fit for a casual look. A front facing, loosely tied scarf for a casual look.

4. The Headscarf: the perfect driving style! Fold the scarf diagonally to make a triangle, Take the folded triangular scarf and drape it over your head, loosely securing it under your chin. This is a fun and playful look for any occasion, especially a windy day!

5. The Purse Knot: Scarves aren’t just for your neck! Tie the scarf around the handle of your purse for a pop of texture— tres parisienne! This is also the perfect way to keep it close in case it gets chilly and you need something to wrap up in.