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Your Raincoat may be Harming You & the Environment

As spring approaches, you may be thinking of upgrading your rain gear before the rainy season hits. But, did you know that most rain gear contains harmful chemicals like PFC/PFAS or PVC?  (which is something you do NOT want on your body!)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a common plastic that is used in hundreds of places, but it’s often used in rain gear to make it more waterproof. PVC on its own is not inherently toxic but it is extremely brittle, which is why phthalates are often added to make it stronger. Phthalates are harmful endocrine disruptors that have been linked to cancer, infertility, heart disease, and obesity.

The other group of chemicals that you want to steer away from is PFAS and PFC (i.e. Teflon-like chemicals). These chemicals have extremely tight bonds between the atoms, which means nothing can get past them. While this makes them great waterproofing agents, it also means these chemicals basically don’t break down over time. These “forever chemicals” are also found in nonstick cookware, stain-resistant fabrics, and even take-out containers. Because these chemicals are found in so many common products they eventually end up in our environment, polluting the water and soil and staying there FOREVER. These chemicals have been known to cause serious health problems like decreased fertility, increased cholesterol levels, harming the growth and development of children, and lowering immune system function.

In nearly all cases, waterproof or water repellent gear contains a PFC coating unless there’s a tag on the garment specifically indicating that it doesn’t. As the problem gains attention, outdoor gear companies are scrambling to find safe and sustainable solutions without sacrificing performance.

Introducing: Rains. 

Rains is a Danish contemporary rainwear brand creating waterproof designs for the global citizen. All components of Rains products comply with the standards of REACH, the European legislation governing chemical use. 

They have selected an environmentally friendly polyurethane finish for their products to enhance water repellency and durability, which is made without endocrine disruptors, and they proudly partner with professional, ethical factories that produce high-quality products in safe working conditions. The cleanest way to stay dry! 

Explore our collection of Rains outerwear below. 


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