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What Happens when you Buy a Product from Indego Africa?

Chez SANNA, education is at the center of everything we do. How can we expect consumers to change their behaviors if we don’t provide them the tools and resources needed to understand why this change is necessary? The topic of education is so important to us that we wanted to introduce you to one of our incredible NGO brands, which contributes to positive change with social impact programs. We present to you, Indego Africa. 

Since 2007, Indego Africa has been supporting the creation, growth and sustainability of women-owned businesses in Africa by providing artisans with a global market for their handmade products and investing in their education. 

So, what happens when you buy a bowl from Indego Africa? 

With every purchase, you are not only acquiring a handmade product, but you are also helping to promote education through traditional crafts and techniques. Indigo Africa invests 100% of its profits back into educating their artisan groups in Rwanda and Ghana. This allows the women to  create products that have quality control, and can be sold around the world. This education ultimately allows the women to earn more money for their trade, creating modern design using age-old techniques and authentic craft skills. 

Indego Africa offers many different programs, all with a similar goal: to help the population, refugees, and women to be independent and autonomous. 

Several programs have been put in place to enhance education since its inception in 2007, such as:

  • Economic inclusion of refugees 
  • The academy of young leaders
  • Vocational training 
  • The leadership academy
  • Workplace Technology Training
  • Special Workshops
  • Basic Business Training

The Young Leaders Academy provides graduates of the program in Rwanda with the advanced business and technology training they need to manage their artisanal cooperatives and lead change in their communities, filling a gap in the advanced entrepreneurship training available to youth. Approximately 91% of participants in this training are better able to manage their cooperatives and related businesses as a result of the training provided.

The power of artisanal skills is multi-faceted. Not only do they provide unique opportunities for the refugee partners to enter the artisan economy, but more importantly, artisan skills are transferable. They create long-term economic security for the day when their partners and families are no longer refugees.

Since 2007, Indego Africa has provided employment and business training to over 2,000 artisans in Africa. The power of cooperatives inspires the next generation of youth to not only take part in these women-owned businesses, but to start one of their own.

When you purchase a piece from Indego Africa you are supporting an entire organization that protects local people and promotes artisanal work.  This allows for greater integration and offers independence that is crucial to the well-being of everyone. 

In addition to its positive impact, Indego Africa uses a range of natural fibers indigenous to the countries where they work, such as sweetgrass, palm leaf and raffia, which are hand-spun and dyed using local plants, flowers and plant materials. Their products are handmade with natural materials. 

Don’t wait any longer to shop Indego Africa’s beautiful products! 

Handwoven Decorative Pink Swirl Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This colorful plateau in shades of pink will immediately add a colorful and glamorous touch to your home. Its large size allows you to give it many functions such as a pocket tray, fruit tray or leave it as a beautiful decorative object. It is hand woven with hay and sisal, it will add a natural and aesthetic touch to your decoration.

Handwoven Decorative Geo Color Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This colorful decorative plateau is hand-dyed with natural dyes and hand-woven by women in Rwanda. An ethical and colorful addition to your home or the perfect housewarming gift!

Handwoven Decorative Olive Form Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This decorative tray in shades of lilac, green and beige will add color to your home. It is made with natural fibers that make for a cozy and glamorous decoration. It can also be hung up thanks to the hook on the back!

Handwoven Decorative Leaf Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

The most beautiful handmade decorative trays you’ve ever seen – I’ve hung them all on my wall as decoration, thanks to the hook on the back! Designed by a combination of hay and sisal, this decorative tray in shades of blush and green can be used to store or display anything in your home in a trendy and natural, yet glamorous way.

Handwoven Decorative Abstract Form Lavender Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

We love the pastel colors of this decorative tray. It is perfect to put in our bedroom with other tray colors to make an original headboard. Handmade, it will give a bohemian and elegant touch to your home. 

Handwoven Decorative Gazania Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This hay tray makes an ideal housewarming gift and is the perfect shape and size to be used as a fruit basket, hung in a cluster on a gallery wall or simply placed as an accent piece in your favorite corner of the house.

Handwoven Decorative Mauve Form Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This decorative tray made in Rwanda with a unique hand woven design will bring color to any home. Alone or with our other designs, it will be an eye-catcher. 

Handwoven Decorative Geo Form Plateau, Indego Africa. €80.00

This tray with geometric shape and very colorful is the essential object to your decoration. Multi-purpose, it will find its place and meet your needs. It is made from hay fiber which adds a natural touch to your interior while remaining glamorous.

Small Woven Basket in Pink and Beige, Indego Africa. €36.00

This versatile woven basket is the perfect size to enhance small spaces. Made in Rwanda, it is hand-woven from banana leaves and naturally dyed with plants in a pale pink color with beige accents. It features an unlined interior and a circular base. Use it as a tote bag or to hold your plants! 

Wide Brim Bolga Hat, Indego Africa. €75.00

Handcrafted in elephant swamp grass with care by artisans in Ghana, the Wide Brim Bolga Hat provides ample sun-coverage, while looking effortlessly chic! I love this classic piece from Indego Africa, which combines social impact with timeless style. Pairs perfectly with the Abeer Dress for the full Summer look!

Raffia Sun Hat, Indego Africa. €95.00

Handcrafted in braided raffia with care by artisans in Rwanda, the Raffia Sun Hat provides sun coverage, while looking effortlessly chic! I love this classic piece from Indego Africa, which combines social impact with timeless style. Perfect for a walk around the farmers market!

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