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Our Concierge service is the place where SANNA tailors your slow-fashion journey specifically to you through our personalized shopping experiences.

Do you have the values of sustainability but no time to do the research? Do you often wish there was a service available that could curate your dream slow-fashion wardrobe according to your own style and values? Is there a piece you need but have not found on our platform? Are you looking for a special-occasion gift in line with your principles?

Our concierge service exists to fulfill your personal needs and specifications, catering to your ethics, style, and groove. Our on-demand personal shopping experience has a flat rate of 15€ per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per request, wherein you hire us to find a piece(s)/product(s) specific to your needs. Submit the form below to get started on your green hunting mission! We will return to you by email within 48 hours. 

Our service is ideal for ethically engaged consumers like:

The “Green Bossbabe”:

Cool enough to care, too busy to carry out the research necessary to ensure that her buying practices support the truly authentic business models of tomorrow.

The “Ethical Socialite”:

Out on a soirée’s quest for a sustainable statement outfit. She wishes to prove that sophistication and ethics are complementary, as opposed to mutually exclusive.

The “Sustainable Comfort Queen”:

Likes to treat herself through personalized shopping experiences which are suited to both her style and her principles.  She cares about people and the planet, but also likes to spoil herself.

The “Authenticity Gifter”:

Goes all out on presents during the holidays, for birthdays, and for special occasions, spreading her “green-vibe” through personalized gifting for the people she loves.

The “Organic Mom”:

She understands, and therefore invests in, the lifestyle necessary for caring for her family in a non-toxic environment. She protects and sets an ethical example for the generation to come.

The “Green Manifestor”:

She imagines it, she likes it, she dreams it, she’s got it; all made possible by hiring SANNA’s Concierge team to do the hunting for her!

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SANNA’s Concierge service exists in two forms:


A one-time, on-demand service, wherein you hire us to find a piece or brand specific to your needs. 


A subscription-based service, wherein SANNA and our team will cater to your needs.