Ayurvedic Herbal Tea for Sleep

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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea for Sleep

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Our Ayurvedic infusion for deep and restorative sleep

Buckwheat seeds plunge the body in deep well-being and gradually train it in

intense relaxation, thanks to its subtle and soothing notes of caramel. CBD flowers and Ayurvedic plants will guide most wandering thoughts in delicious weightlessness. It’s sweet, it’s heartwarming … it’s a bit like falling asleep snuggled up against Bambi, in a corner of the forest, delighted. Great for Vata Balance.

– Toasty buckwheat (grown and roasted in Brittany) gives the body a warm embrace, coaxing it into relaxation with subtle notes of caramel.

– CBD-rich hemp flowers and Ayurvedic herbs (like cinnamon, star anise and fennel) seduce the mind into a deep slumber.

It’s satisfying, it’s comfy, it’s like falling asleep next to Bambi on a warm forest floor.

Ingredients: roasted buckwheat,* green rooibos,* red rooibos,* hemp leaves,* hemp flowers,* cinnamon,* star anise,* fennel fruit

*From Organic farming


Take a teaspoon of each from each side of the box to make your tea. Or dose as you desire: it’s your potion to play with.

So why this double dose?

Ordinarily if you try and mix grains and herbs in loose tea, the grains just sink to the bottom (as they are heavier) so you can’t put too many in. This wasn’t an option for us. We wanted a high dose of that beautiful malty grilled flavour. So we decided to divide the box in two: grains on one side, herbs on the other- ie what we call DOUBLE DOSE tea.

We’re bias, but there is so much tea out there that we only wanted to create something if it was truly special. Something we fell in love with. It took a looong time (and hundreds of cups of tea!) but we finally found these perfect blends. Infuse for 4 min – 95°C / 203°F. 


May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Our products are gluten and dairy free but as a precaution we state that traces could be present due to the fact that our herbal suppliers handle some of these items. The grains used in the teas are GLUTEN FREE, but as a precaution we state that traces could be present due to the fact that our herbal suppliers handle some of these items.


Our deep sleep tea – She Slept for 100 Years – has hemp flowers and leaves that naturally contain CBD.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant, and known to have a calming effect on the body & mind. The flowers and leaves are cultivated in Germany and Austria, lab tested, and guaranteed to contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the compound more commonly found in the ‘cannabis’ plant (not hemp), and known for having a psychoactive effect or giving you a ‘high’. So basically no, our tea does not get you high 😉

We use hemp in the mix not only for its license to chill, but because of its beautiful flavour: high quality hemp tea is delish.

If you would like to boost the bioavailability of the CBD in the tea, try mixing in a little coconut oil in: CBD is absorbed better into the body with healthy fats.


SHE SLEPT FOR 100 YEARS contains hemp with naturally occurring CBD, which is generally not recommended during pregnancy. If in doubt, we recommend asking the advice of a healthcare professional.

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Think of the Cosmic Dealer as your guru. If your guru was actually your friend, and your friend was actually someone who spent their time dedicated to producing niche wellness goods. They look at Ayurveda through a modern lens, creating functional products that cater to our ever-evolving wellness needs. The team is based in Paris, but can sometimes be found floating in the cosmos. They describe themselves as research nerds and label-readers on a quest for quality, who scour the world to find the best artisans, ateliers, ashrams, gardens, and kitchens and somehow convince them to help develop their wellness products. From feeling overwhelmed with wellness, overrun with retreats and crushed under mountains of kefir grains, they created Cosmic Dealer as a way to chill wellness the f*ck out.
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