Parisian Scarf Styling 101 – SANNA Conscious Concept

Parisian Scarf Styling 101

Discover our favorite ways to wear the cozy & stylish scarves from Alpaca Loca – just like a Parisian!

01. The Shawl: take the oversized scarf and drape it around your shoulders and spread out the scarf so it covers your upper back. You can let the scarf hang by your sides or drape the ends of the scarf over your arms. Simple & comfortable!

02. Over The Shoulder: Simple and stylish. Simply hang the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Then, toss the long end over your shoulder and keep on keepin’ on!

03. The Kagoule: For when it’s really cold out! Drape the middle of the scarf over your head, then throw the ends of the scarf over the opposite shoulder. This will keep your ears warm and hair in place during those windy and cold winter days.

04. The Classic: Our go-to style. Take the middle of the scarf and put it against the front of your neck, with the ends of the scarf towards your back. Cross the ends of the scarf behind you and bring the ends back around to drape over your shoulders.

05. The Doubled Classic: Take the basics of the Classic Style and double it! Extra coziness for the extra cold days.

06. Á La Parisian: When we think of Parisian style, we think effortlessly chic. It can’t get more effortless than this. Just casually put the scarf around your neck and let it speak for itself.

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