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Is Hydroalcoholic Gel Toxic?

Hydroalcoholic gel is a product designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Today, more than ever before, we are asked to wash our hands regularly and to use antibacterial gels each time we enter an establishment. But what do these mysterious clear and blue gels really contain? Are they dangerous for our health? 

Although sold over the counter, available at the entrance of every store and sold in pharmacies across the globe, hydroalcoholic gels are not without their set of concerns. In fact, in an article published by the magazine Environmental Health Perspectives, more than 200 doctors and scientists call for extreme caution and encourage people to remain vigilant about the hydroalcoholic gels which contain triclosan and triclocarban, two chemicals that can cause breast cancer and hormonal disorders.

According to the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control, 13% of hydroalcoholic gel samples do not fall within the authorized standards. To be effective against the coronavirus, hydroalcoholic gels must contain at least 60% alcohol, and it has been found that some of the products collected did not contain enough alcohol. This is why these products have been classified as non-compliant and dangerous. Never forget the 4 people in the US who drank hydroalcoholic gel and died because of it.  

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Keep Calm and Spray On by Evolve Beauty, 14.00

Chez SANNA, because we believe in the power of natural and organic ingredients, so we decided to offer you a sanitary solution that is not harmful to your health and that disinfects your hands while moisturizing them. Evolve Beauty’s hand cleanser is approved by COSMOS Organic, a label that regulates the use of organic ingredients in cosmetic products made in Europe.

This hand cleanser has been designed as a pump spray rather than a gel to minimise ingredients used and maximise usage, as you need less of the liquid to clean hands than you would of a gel. It contains organic glycerin for hydration and organic bergamot essential oil for its antiviral properties and intoxicating scent. Say goodbye to dry hands after using this gel. 

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