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Cacao Ceremony: How to have one of your own, and why!

Have you ever wondered about the powerful nature of raw cacao? So much more than the main ingredient in chocolate, raw cacao can be used as a psychedelic tool for opening the heart chakra. The cacao ceremony is a South American healing tradition born 3000 years ago among the Mayan people. The aim is to help restore harmony between energies so that those who participate stay healthy. The Mayan people considered cacao to be “the food of the gods“.

How to prepare the cacao? 


  1. To perform this ceremony you will need raw, 100% cocoa, such as this one. 
  2. Boil a pot of water
  3. Place cacao beans/square in a double boiler over the water
  4.  Stir the melted cacao with an electric mixer or whisk until frothy
  5. Once your preparation is complete, move to a place where you can enter into communion with your spirit and with your partners
  6. Create ambiance in the space by lighting sage, candles, or incense
  7. Set an intention, individually or collectively
  8. Take a drink of the cacao mixture, repeat until cacao is finished
  9. Breathe in and out deeply, smelling the aroma of cocoa before each sip.
  10. Pure cocoa takes between 20 and 40 minutes to pass through the body and once it has been received by your body, you will be invaded by a psychedelic and intuitive movement. 

What are the benefits?

Cacao is extremely high in magnesium, the ‘relaxer mineral’; sulfur, the ‘beauty mineral’; iron, and chromium. Antioxidants: off-the-scale. It’s one of the most powerful superfoods around. And then there are the feelings. Ingested, it triggers a cascade of amino acids and neurotransmitters including monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors, which allow serotonin and other neurotransmitters to circulate in the brain; theobromine, which stimulates feelings of euphoria and contentment; and phenethylamine, the chemical we produce when we fall in love.

To assist you in creating your own cacao ceremony, we have for you two 100% raw cacao bars, made with ayurvedic spices to help you detoxify and stop sugar. The bitterness of the cocoa cuts the cravings for sugar and research has shown that the consumption of bitter foods neutralizes the receptors in our brain that push us to desire and consume sugar. 

Cosmic Dealer’s cocoa is made by two passionate young Italian artisans who own their own cocoa farm in El Salvador and get the beans from their farm or directly from neighboring farms – so there are no questionable middlemen, which can be a problem in the cocoa industry. 

The cacao bars are vegan, gluten-free, additive-free and can also be used for your ceremonies. These chocolate bars are available in two flavors, one consisting of rose for its soothing properties and chai for its antioxidant properties, and the other consists of ashwagandha for its adaptogenic properties, and ginger for its healing properties. A little extra, each pack also contains a small “cosmic card” (their version of a tarot card).

CACAO ROSE & CHAI COSMIC DEALER sanna conscious concept

Cacao Tablet – Rose & Chai from Cosmic Dealer , 11.00€


Cacao Tablet – Ashwagandha & Ginger from Cosmic Dealer, 11.00€

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