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A Practical Guide to Incense and their Meanings

Chez SANNA, we offer all natural, fair trade, incense from Auroville India that are made from eco bamboo, hand rolled with wood powder, and scented with pure essential oils. Utilize the power of incense during moon ceremonies, when you arrive somewhere new, or when you are actively trying to manifest!

Incense can help you cleanse the energy around you, and so much more! Learn which scent is best for you with our practical guide to incense. 

Burn Lotus while in meditation or practicing yoga. It can clear the Chakras and support spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

Burn Lemon Verbena to prevent the occurrence of bad dreams, to purify your home,  and lighten your overall mood.

Burn Rose to enhance love and fertility, induce prophetic dreams and to return calm energies to your space.

Burn Lavender to bring forth relaxation and induce restful sleep. Lavender can also attract love, peace, and harmony.  

Burn Ylang-Ylang in exchange for an antidepressant. It lifts confidence and enhances love, harmony and overall euphoria.

Burn Lemongrass to improve memory and increase concentration. It’s known to aid in eliminating fatigue and is also a natural insect repellent, great for burning outdoors.

Burn White Sage to eliminate negative energy, purify sacred spaces and ritual tools, enhance concentration, creativity, and intuition. 

Burn Jasmine for increasing your creativity & strengthening self esteem. It is also good for attracting love, money, and enhancing your skills.

Burn Amber for manifesting love, comfort, happiness and healing.

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