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A Clean French Girl Makeup Routine

After living in Paris for the last 8 years, my makeup routine has drastically evolved from American maximalist to French minimalist. Along the journey, I learned a lot about toxic ingredients commonly used in the cosmetics industry, and the lack of responsibility brands have when they put new products into the market. I realized that big brands, and ultimately our governments, do not care about the effects of what we put in contact with our bodies, we must fend for ourselves. That is why I am such a proponent of toxic-free beauty products. Read on to discover my basic makeup essentials, or you can also watch the 8-minute video here 🙂

The main reason why I prioritize clean beuty products is because there are a lot of unwanted and harmful chemicals in many common products—you would be surprised about the number of the enocirne disruptors in our everyday beauty products! Learn more about this in our archive here.

BB Cream from Avril Cosmetiques

Half skincare, half makeup— I can’t go a day without this all-in-one cream! It hydrates the skin while evening your complexion and includes SPF10. It feels lighter than a foundation but gives the same coverage. 

Arnica Concealer in Honey from Ere Perez 

Arnica is the active ingredient in this concealer, and helps to calm inflamed skin. It is make up that acts like skincare. The creamy texture applies smoothly to the skin and leaves you looking flawless!

Carrot Color Pot in Harmony from Ere Perez 

This small blush compact doubles as lip tint in the most natural pink hue. It revives my skin and brings it back to life. If I could only use one makeup product, it would be this one!

Vegan Blush & Bronzer Brush from Ere Perez 

The perfect multipurpose brush that is also vegan and biodegradable— could it get any better?! Say goodbye to rubbing your makeup in with the hair from furry friends.

Lip Contour Wand from Beaubble

This creamy buildable contour was made for lip contouring, but I use it for the rest of my face as well! It applies from a small sponge head that allows for great precision when applying, for a very natural contour. 

Vanilla Falling Star Highlighter from Ere Perez

This is the best product for adding a dewey shimmer to my skin. The smooth formulation features vanilla which calms and soothes the skin, making it perfectly illuminated in all the right places. 

Rice Blush Bronzer Duo from Ere Perez

Honestly, who doesn’t love a 2-in-1?! This multitasking powder compact doubles as a blush & bronzer, made with vitamin E and Chamomile and creates a silky finish on your skin and will set all the cream-based make up previously applied. 

Dual-Sided Precision Brush from Madara 

I use this brush to style my eyebrows and to remove any excess product. Once my eyebrow make up dries, I use this brush to scratch off the little specks that end up everywhere! It is also 100% vegan, so it is an absolute must-have for your beauty routine!

Eyebrow Wand from Benefit Cosmetics 

This is a tinted eyebrow gel that I have loved and used for a long time. I am looking for cleaner options though, so if you know of one I should try, write it in the comments!

Black Mascara from Ilia Beauty 

Alright, guys— this is an award-winning clean mascara that goes above and beyond my expectations of any natural mascara! Buildable and flake-free, it lengthens and separates with juuust the right amount of volume.

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