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3 Reasons Why This Intimate Balm Will Have Your Vagina Thanking You

Did you know almost 30% of women around the world suffer from irritation, dryness or intimate discomfort? Many feminine hygiene products have a long list of unknown ingredients or simply don’t get the job done. Thankfully, we found Peachyness, a women-led feminine hygiene company that not only provides products that soothe intimate ailments, but also allows women to (re)discover their intimacy! This intimate skincare essential will have your vagina thanking you! Here are 3 reasons why PeachMe will be your new intimate skincare BFF:

01. 100% Organic! Vegan! Natural!

PeachMe is 100% natural (certified by Cosmébio) and 100% Vegan (certified by The Vegan Society)! Also, it is composed only of 8 ingredients! Finally, skincare that we can understand and know exactly what we are putting on our body.

02. Approved by healthcare professionals

This vulva balm has been tested under gynecological and dermatological control, and is certified by OB/GYN doctors! So, no need to worry about applying this balm in sensitive places, your doctor will approve and your vulva will thank you.

03. Soothes daily irritations

It is very easy for intimate areas on our body to become irritated. Periods, hair removal/shaving, sexual intercourse, tight clothes, toilet paper, sports, pregnancy, menopause, and hormonal disruption are only SOME of the factors that could lead to skin irritations. Luckily PeachMe will sooth them all! Apply it once a week or 5x a day, really as much or as little as you need— and say goodbye to irritations!

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