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10 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts Under 100€

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of rushing to the florist last minute to find a last-minute something, why not consciously pick her out something that she is sure to love? (for under 100€!) What better gift than something that is respectful to people and the planet?! Shop our selection of sustainable and affordable gifts below.

Kyoto Blouse in Blue 99€

Amrit Kimono in Blue and White, 90€

Iris Jacket in Lilac, 90€

Curve Jacket in Blush 100€

Multiway Scarf, 60€

Maa’ala Clutch 100€

Nia Earrings, 90€

Handwoven Gazania Plateau, 80€

Lucienne Box of 9 Handrolled Beeswaz Candles, 49€

Box of 7 Chakra Chocolates, 28€

Chamomile Eye Palette in Beautiful, 35

Quartz Sculpt and Lift Face Stone, 27

Urban Shield Facial Cream, 77

Ultimate Facelift Day Cream, 65

Red Cherry Nail Polish, 14

Fingerwave Print, 40

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